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About ESL Fabrication

Specialising in complete steel fabrication from full design, manufacture and installation to repair and maintenance works nationwide. ESL Fabrication Engineers have quickly become one of East Yorkshires’ fastest growing Engineering companies offering its services, products and expertise to local and nationwide companies. We thrive in continually providing our clients with high quality fabrications at cost effective prices and meeting reasonable lead times for site installation or delivery, we also complete this with full customer service and after sales back up.

Our clients can be assured that their steelwork will be compliant with the latest Europe-wide legislation and is manufactured to a level of quality that is second to none.

The CE marking of construction products was introduced into the European Union as part of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) in 1988. The CPD is a European Directive that seeks to remove barriers to trade and applies to all construction products permanently incorporated in to construction works. This includes steel products such as steel sections, structural bolts, welding consumables and fabricated steel components that are used in buildings, bridges, highways and other civil engineering structures. This directive was not mandatory within the UK and the ROI but this was changed on the 1st July 2013 with the introduction of additional EU legislation called the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

From 1st July 2013 the CPR makes CE Marking mandatory in all member states, including the UK and Republic of Ireland, for all construction products that are permanently incorporated in to building or civil engineering works and are covered by either a harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment that is in force. The CPR also makes it clear that CE Marking has implications for the supply chain and places legal obligations on the construction supply chain including ‘manufacturers’, ‘importers’ and ‘distributors’ of construction products. The harmonised standard in the UK for the Execution of Steel Structures is BS EN 1090-1 and from the 1st July 2014 all fabricated steelwork placed upon the market in the UK and Ireland must be CE marked in accordance with this standard.

Execution Class 4

In order for a steelwork manufacturer to demonstrate their CE marking compliance they must have the following certification:

  • A Factory Production Control Certificate (Independently assessed by a notified body)
  • Welding Certificate (Independently assessed by a notified body)
  • Declaration of Performance.

The fabrication capabilities and technical expertise of the fabricator result in the Notified Body placing limitations on the type of steelwork they can produce through the concept of ‘Execution Class’. Every type of steel manufacture is categorised within BS EN 1090-2 and given an appropriate level of fabrication capability ranging from EXC 1 through to EXC 4 for special fabrications such as long span bridges and nuclear works. These limits are clearly identified on both the Factory Production Control (FPC) and the Welding Certificate of the fabricator.

ESL since November 2014 have been ready to produce CE marked steelwork and have been independently assessed to meet the requirements of Execution Class 4. Therefore, our clients can be assured that their steelwork will be compliant with the latest Europe-wide legislation and is manufactured to a level of quality that is second to none.

Our Scope

Our success is recognised in the client feedback and sense of pride we receive with every finished project. It’s in the completed fabrications themselves where our legacy really becomes clear.

Our work serves people every day, whether for work, play or travel, or to provide essential services.

Our specialisms and market sectors include:

• Bridge • Stadia • Off & On Shore • Highways & Transport • Power & Energy

See our latest projects page for more information and scope.

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